A better paper popcorn cone

I recently scored an air popcorn machine for $5 at the thrift shop and can’t believe how much better it is than my usual stove-top method. No more half-popped kernels to break my back teeth and more importantly, no oil in the making means double butter on the top!

I’m so into this popcorn that I’m planning to mix up a couple tasty batches (rosemary butter/smoked paprika & yeast/braggs perhaps?) for my little guy’s upcoming birthday party. Because I’ve got soooo much spare time on my hands, I decided I needed to make some paper cones for serving. A little bit of fiddling with a scrap of paper and a quick online search resulted in long, narrow cones or mini ones, neither of which seemed ideal to me. I wanted something that would hold a generous amount that I could access easily.

So here it is, my version of the paper popcorn cone. It’s square and it’s squatter!

What you’ll need:

  • Rectangular paper 8.5″ x 11″ – I used pages from those large pads of newsprint, cut into four to give me approximately 8.5″ x 11″ sheets
  • Paper scissors
  • Stapler
  • Art supplies for decorating!

Step 1 – Fold sheet of paper in half, then open flat.


Step 2 – Fold right lower corner towards the center. You are aiming to create a fold from the bottom center point to the top right corner. Crease.


Step 3 – Repeat on the left side.  Fold the left corner toward the center, creating a fold between the bottom center and the top left corner.


Step 4 – Then fold the whole thing in half along the center crease, lining the right edge up with the left edge.


Step 5 – Fold the top of the cone shape down and crease. (Yikes! Please excuse the brown smear on the pretty floral background. It doubles as the baby’s meal time drop sheet.)


Step 6 – Then cut the top part off.


Step 7 – Unfold the cone like a book and staple the two end flaps so the cone won’t come undone.


Step 8 – I then found it useful to give the creases a once-over so when it was done…


…it made a nice square shape. Done!


Unless you want to do a little decorating. My little guy is really into numbers and letters (we’ve decided that he’s a genius – ever heard a 1.5 year old say “8” or “Y”??) hence my choice of decoration.


It looks like a lot of steps but once you make your first one or two, you’ll get the hang of it and start to figure out ways to speed up the process, like stacking the paper to make multiples in one shot. Have fun and happy popcorn eating!