Over the years I’ve come to figure out my personal taste lists heavily toward the side of simple. Faire is a reflection of that. It’s a jewellery collection that┬ácelebrates the natural glow and intrinsic beauty of earth, pairing unglazed clay with precious metals in simple and unexpected ways. The result is a collection that is earthy yet elegant, delicate yet durable, reflecting my┬ápared down aesthetic and love of the handmade. Why Faire? It means “to do/make” and really, that’s what it’s all about.

A bit more about Faire

  • I make each and every one of the beads by hand, resulting in subtle variation in size, shape and pattern
  • I use quality 12 karat gold fill & sterling silver findings, because I want you to wear Faire for years
  • I use locking clasps, because I hate the feeling of discovering that one of my favourite earrings has gone missing
  • Beads are fired in a kiln to extremely high temperatures, resulting in a delicate yet durable product and also resulting in subtle variations in colour

Where to buy Faire?