Graphic Design FAQ


Here are some questions that come up regularly. If your question isn’t answered here, then please do shoot me an email over this a-way.

I want you to design my logo! What’s the first step?

Download my logo design questionnaire, answer the questions, then email it back to me. Download the Logo Design Questionnaire here.

Is having a logo or brand identity reallllly necessary?

Your logo and brand identity is the foundation of your business. It communicates volumes to your clients, telling them that you take your work seriously and can be trusted. It is essential that every one of your marketing materials (including web site, business card, event poster, social media accounts, etc.) reflect your brand, its colours, style and tone. Consistency is key in projecting a professional image to your clients.

I want you to make my web site! What’s the first step?

I’ve got a questionnaire for that too. This information will give me a better idea of the size and scope of what you are after. Download the Web Design Questionnaire here.

Can you make things besides logos, biz cards and web sites?

Absolutely. Promo flyers, brochures, E-newsletter templates, Social Media graphics, and whatever else you can think of. Email me for more info.

Bonus Answers:

How the heck do I pronounce your name??

It’s pronounced “Cake-oh”. Like “Cake” (mmmmmm, cake) with an “oh” on the end.

I detect an accent…where are you from?

I’m from Trinidad and what I miss most is mango season, “doubles” for breakfast and “shark and bake” at Maracas beach (with ketchup and shaddow benny sauce, of course. I’m drooling!!!).