Radiant Wild Yoga Retreats

Website Design, Poster/flyer design

It’s always inspiring to work with entrepreneurs who are pursuing their passions and dreaming big. Drea Phoenix of Radiant Wild Yoga Retreats is one such person. Building upon the success of her local yoga classes, she is now expanding her offerings to include international eco-yoga retreats.

Her website needed to do more than just provide basic information like dates and times. It needed to inspire guests to join her in magical destinations around the world, to communicate who she is as a teacher and a person, and more practically, to provide functions like newsletter sign up forms, registration forms and paypal buttons.

Similarly her printed promotional material needs to achieve the same function, in much less space.

It was a pleasure to work with her to achieve these goals. This is just the beginning of the Radiant Wild journey!

Radiant Wild website
Radiant Wild website – About page
Radiant Wild website – promotions & sign up area recurs on each page
Radiant Wild website – Reservation form
Radiant Wild website – retreat promotion flyer