Welcome to the KeikoCreative blog! This is where I’ll be coming to gather my thoughts, put them down in writing and share them with you.

For ages now I’ve wanted a spot to collect snippets from the various aspects of my life. I admit, it does feels a bit strange to be presenting my graphic design business alongside my artistic endeavours and life in general. However, it also makes a lot of sense.

My typical day usually finds me touching on on all areas of my life: communicating with clients, tweaking a design, taking my son for a walk, discovering a little bit of nature that will become my next painting, chatting with my mother-in-law downstairs, cooking up a yummy meal… That’s life, right?

So here on this blog, you can expect to find thoughts on all sorts of topics:

  • insights on the creative process
  • updates on my biz-es
  • recipes fresh from the kitchen
  • musings on living in with in-laws
  • reports on how my garden grows
  • + more

Thank you for dropping by!